October 24th, 2012

So I talked this one up about 2 months ago, but now The Mariah Carey by OPI is starting to surface and keeping within the latest “Textured” nail trend.  The collection includes four Studio Shades, ranging from pink glitter to rich plum crème and four Stage Shades, each featuring the new textured finish. Shades include: A Butterfly Moment (frosty tan nude), Sprung (shimmery copper), Pink Yet Lavender (pink glitter with lavender shimmer), and Anti-bleak (deep, creamy purple).

Stage Shades include: Stay the Night (matte black with red glints), Get Your Number (matte blue with sparkles), Can’t Let Go (matte purple with sparkle), and The Impossible (matte fuchsia with star confetti.)

Photo cred: Iamabeautygeek

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